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Creators of standout content & campaigns that make a difference.

We are a hybrid creative team that thrives on translating brand essence to consumer experience. We combine strategy,design,technology and advertising services to create smarter brands, ready for the global stage.

How we are different

Our integrated approach combining strategy and creative thinking with media and digital helps to solve big problems and make an impact fast. We focus on reimagining brands, customer experience and creating new connections with your market.

Our Philosophy

In the face of shrinking attention spans, disruptive technologies and changing audience habits, we believe that curiosity is the antidote. We combine a deep understanding of what moves people, with where and how to talk to them today.

Our values

Our people are our most important assets. We work hard to develop an environment where work is challenging and fun, innovative and edgy. To do this our values are something we work and live by, and the environment we foster is one where our people are supported and have the chance to develop and grow.

Brand Experience

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Creators of standout content & campaigns that make a difference.

The future is human. The future is technology. At Feman Media, we believe it’s both. Our integrated creative offering is designed to deliver the best of brand and digital thinking, from category-leading platforms to powerful behaviour change campaigns.

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