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e-Commerce Services

Our eCommerce services focus on creating online shopping experiences to drive growth. We'll make sure your online shop attracts new customers, and keeps them coming back - before your competition does. By understanding the habits of your customers, you'll never miss another opportunity to engage with them.

Qlicknbuy ecommerce


Qlicknbuy is Feman Media's response to the challenges faced by businesses in the eCommerce space. It was launched in 2020 to enable brands sell their products directly to consumers. Qlicknbuy creates awareness among brand distributors Nationwide, to help them reach a new online audience while tapping into special offers from the brands directly.

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The future is human. The future is technology. At Feman Media, we believe it’s both. Our integrated creative offering is designed to deliver the best of brand and digital thinking, from category-leading platforms to powerful behaviour change campaigns.

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